The original ScatterVolt Discord Server has been closed. Read my thoughts and thank you message below:

Hey ya'll. This will be the last major announcement you'll see on here because two weeks from today, I'll be closing the ScatterVolt Discord Server for good. After assessing the server over the last two years, my goals & ambitions for my Youtube channel, and even my own personal mental health in regards to this server, it's time to shut it down. During the last month of my Computer Engineering degree (December), I came to an inflection point on this server where in the midst of all my stress & chaos of trying to finish my degree, having to pick up video editing all of the sudden because my video editor quit on me, and an unsupportive roommate from my old household, this server only caused more stress & worry when it wasn't needed. This server ultimately represents the ScatterVolt channel and at that time in December, I didn't like the majority of the conversations being held on my "tech" server. This is because a select group of members on this server I believe negatively influenced the majority of talk found on here and our rules, staff moderation, and boundaries weren't good enough to prevent and moderate that. Some of those conversations, if shown to the public, would put a negative light on the ScatterVolt community, my staff, and myself. This doesn't surprise me too much because this server was created out of thin air in 2017 for when I hit 100,000 subscribers as another way to interact with subscribers/notify viewers of new uploads and I didn't even have admins or mods chosen in advance when I made the server public. The infrastructure and staff we had in place just couldn't evolve with the dramatically changing discord standards over the years. Note, this isn't to knock my staff at all, they graciously moderated and helped this server out of passion, this isn't their full time job, and they do have lives outside of discord. As for myself, being a one man team for my Youtube channel, after that inflection point in December where we agreed I should give the server a few more months of observation to see if it was worth keeping it going forward, I found that I just didn't have the passion, time, or energy to fix the ScatterVolt discord server to be more tech oriented than just being another "discord" server with some pc gaming stuff sprinkled on top of it. Not to sound selfish, but at points this server didn't feel like mine, it felt like a reflection of the most influential and talkative members on here up to that point, some of which didn't always provide quality tech oriented conversations. It all came to head last month where after just glancing at General chat once with members and a mod discussing and showing something that absolutely wouldn't of looked good on me if new members were to see; At that point, given I was moving, taking a break from making videos, and planning out the next stage for the channel, I knew it was time to close this server down. After that, me and the staff discussed possible alternatives to closing the server like the same old "let's make changes and see what happens" (sort of like what already happened in December) and removing my ownership and Scattervolt name from the server completely handing it over. After talk with staff, my close friends, and some more reflection, it wouldn't be smart to hand over the keys to this server to someone else still with my name and brand still somewhat attached to it. In the worst sense, it would be regarded as the "ex-Scattervolt server" which just doesn't sound good. Plus, it would still have all the logs, messages, etc. from the old which wouldn't be in my control. Having my old server in someone else's ownership doesn't sit well in my stomach, so the final decision was to close it. I will say, me and staff who were on did have one more quality talk about the good moments we had on the server plus some very constructive feedback for the things we liked and didn't like about the server. I've got that feedback logged somewhere safe in case I ever do create a new ScatterVolt Discord server, which I'll say, probably won't happen at all in the near future. Maybe not even until 2022. Discord has changed dramatically since I first started it five years ago and the game has changed. You can't just create a server out of thin air for a channel like mine, I'll have to structure it for future growth, moderation, anticipation for the unknown, and even "hire" staff who will be dedicated to upholding my vision for the next ScatterVolt server. Making it a sidenote to everything I do, like what I did for this one, will only result in where it is now. A new discord server would have to become a priority for me (or to be fair, a future employee's priority). So with this move, a renewed effort on doubling down on making the best content I can, and wanting to focus more on myself this year, I'll have to cut out a discord server since I won't have the time to make it the way I want to. Thank you all to who contributed to this server with the best of intentions and I personally want to thank a good chunk of members on where, which I can't list off the top of my head, who gave me useful feedback for my videos, knowledge on topics I didn't know, and helpful suggestions. The channel and myself wouldn't be where we are today without a lot of what this server has done. To those who actively contributed positive, helpful, and insightful conversations around tech, you will all be awarded a future legacy role in my next server (if you choose to join it) to indicate you are great examples of folks who I strive for future members of the next ScatterVolt discord to be more like. Don't ask for a legacy role, because I've already given them out to the real homies. If you want to still keep up with me beyond my videos, following me on my Twitter ([]( is the best way to do so. With this move, time off for reflection, and outstanding video sponsorships completed, I know what useful content I can finally make that you guys will actually want to watch. The last 6 months have been mediocre because of my transition from school to full time Youtube, learning how to use new video filming equipment, re-learning how to video edit, living in a household with a roommate that didn't support what I did, and the insane stress/uncertainty of finding and buying a new house that would actually help my Youtube channel (that part literally came down to the wire but thankfully I'm really satisfied for where I'm at, I got a fantastic deal at the last moment). The budget pc gaming genre on Youtube needs a fat kick in the balls, even with the hardware shortages, and I know what to do based off your feedback (not just through discord but outside of it too). All I ask is you all keep up with what I have in store because I myself haven't liked the videos I've made over the last 6 months. This next batch of videos I have categorized in my database will be some of the best I've made all the while being uploaded in a timely manner. To do so, I'll have to close this discord server. Thank you all, Marc